What is an IPA?

IPA stands for Income Producing Activity. Activity is the key to success in our network marketing business. Personal development is essential as well, but it must be applied in order for results to occur. Success in this business boils down to exposing as many people as possible to your products and your opportunity. That can be done online via social media, or person to person, or a combination of both. I personally love connecting with people and making friends. That’s what makes this business so much fun. People are so interesting, but the best part is that they know even more people! Instead of seeing each person as one, I visualize their entire sphere of influence. The possibilities now become endless. Show the plan to as many people as possible. If your closing rate is an average of 10%, then you must show the plan to 10 people to get one to come on board and join you as a customer or as a business partner. Use the tools that your company has. You are the messenger, not the message, so let the tools do the talking. Each exposure is a step in the “drip” process. Remember, we are professional inviters. The more people you invite to an exposure — whether it be to watch a video, a 3 way phone call with your upteam support, a home party, opportunity call or bigger event — the more seeds are planted that you will be harvesting.