Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day

“Rome wasn’t built in a day”…When I would get frustrated in my first year of this business (and news flash: frustrations do not stop after the first year or after reaching a high goal or rank) one of my mentors would always say “the first year you are building the foundation, the second year the walls go up”. For some it may go beyond the second year to get the walls up. That’s ok–your journey is your journey. One thing is for sure, consistency coupled with patience won’t let you down. What happens when you persevere, are patient, focused and consistent? A cumulative effect of several things:

-MASTERY of skill sets that set you apart from others

-You will develop an indomitable spirit and resolve in your goal which results in you seeing your goal as being INEVITABLE, which results in achievement of your goal as BEING inevitable!

-A great reputation. This is actually a really big deal. When you persevere, you build your reputation of not giving up. Guess who that person you spoke to about about your product or business a year ago is going to sign up with? YOU!!–because you didn’t quit. You are still in the game. You are the example. You are the person they want mentoring them.

Remember, ANY worthwhile endeavor that has the potential for a big pay off requires A LOT of effort and some sacrifice. Even when it feels so frustrating and nothing is clicking. That’s ok, because that is part of the process and things will come full circle and will start clicking again when you least expect it–guaranteed!