Have You Made The Decision Yet To Go After Your Dream?

How bad do you want it? Many of us have a goal or a dream. But without a strong motive or desire, and without a plan of action, that dream can just end up being a daydream. Napoleon Hill said “what ever the mind can conceive, and believe, the mind can achieve.” He also said to write down your goal, with a deadline and what you are willing to sacrifice to achieve that goal. The key is that once you have made a decision, and you have the motivation and desire to reach your goal, nothing will stop you. People who have a strong motivation see the achievement of their goal as inevitable. Rather seeing the obstacle, they see a hurdle as a challenge — as another wall that “thins the herd” as Darren Hardy says. It’s sort of a refining process. As you overcome each challenge, your will becomes stronger. You are getting closer to your goal and you are charging forward. Things start falling into place. It only takes a billionth of a watt of electricity to effect a decision in the brain. Have you made the decision yet to go after your dream?