Month: May 2017

  • Why It’s Important to Master Simplicity to Achieve Duplication

    Human nature sometimes assumes that complexity is the key to success. I beg to differ… Simplicity is the blueprint to success in any organization. When organizations of any form use complex means and methods, it is nearly impossible to duplicate the methods and therefore, the results vary. While my main subject matter is network marketing, I […]

  • Is it Truly a Numbers Game? Quantity or Quality? A Short Lesson from a Top Industry Leader

    Is it truly a numbers game? Quantity or quality? In this business, we are always told never to prejudge. That’s really good advice, because we don’t know what any individual will ultimately do in their network marketing business. We’ve probably all sponsored someone we thought would be a total rock star, only to see them […]

  • 10 Reasons Network Marketers Struggle

    In our years of network marketing, Doug and I have witnessed home based business owners who have been extremely successful, while others who received the same training have struggled. I asked my husband why he thinks this happens. Together, we put together these 10 reasons network marketers struggle. Struggle Reason #1: Not treating your network […]