Is it Truly a Numbers Game? Quantity or Quality? A Short Lesson from a Top Industry Leader

Is it truly a numbers game? Quantity or quality?

In this business, we are always told never to prejudge. That’s really good advice, because we don’t know what any individual will ultimately do in their network marketing business. We’ve probably all sponsored someone we thought would be a total rock star, only to see them either never launch, launch and fizzle, or go into the “witness protection program.” Conversely there are people who lock arms with us and take off that we might have thought would never even be interested in our business.

It’s true we do have to cast the wide net out, not prejudge, and enroll a lot of people to find those gems who want to run to the top of the mountain with us. But what else can we do to improve our odds of finding them?

I was speaking to a good friend of mine who has built to the top of two different network marketing companies. He did this organically with each one, and when he built the second one, he did not recruit anyone from his first company. So he built to the top the second time around from scratch. I asked him to summarize the top 3 things that he attributed to his success. The first thing he said, without hesitation, is #1 below, which addresses the question at the beginning of this post. This is what he told me:

  1. Sponsor people who have credibility, especially successful people who are dissatisfied. By appearances they may not appear to be dissatisfied, but by being truly interested in them, and asking questions, their dissatisfaction or “pain point” will be revealed. Successful people who have credibility not only have great networks, but the people in their network trust them and will be open to hearing about something that they endorse.
  2. Build leadership teams. Learn to identify those who show leadership qualities and work with and nurture them. Invest the time in the people who show the traits of leadership, such as setting the example of the right behaviors themselves, showing up and being plugged into the team and company calls and events. These are the people who display actions that go with their words. Having layers of leadership is what leads to stability in an organization and solidifies the team.
  3. Last but not least, he said “Work your butt off.” Anything worthwhile requires hard work and sacrifice. The top leaders in any field are always the smallest percentage of the entire group. Why? Because those are the people who are willing to put the work in and stay laser focused to achieve their goals. Quitting is not an option for them.