Why It’s Important to Master Simplicity to Achieve Duplication

Human nature sometimes assumes that complexity is the key to success. I beg to differ… Simplicity is the blueprint to success in any organization.

When organizations of any form use complex means and methods, it is nearly impossible to duplicate the methods and therefore, the results vary.

While my main subject matter is network marketing, I truly believe that leaders in multiple businesses and organizations can benefit from today’s post. This is because duplication of methods, strategies and results is normally a goal of any organization.

  • Non-profits such as churches and foundations
  • Schools
  • Clubs
  • Businesses
  • and Network Marketing

All Leaders Must Master Simplicity If They Want Duplication

Network marketing is a business of duplication. That simplicity must start at the top of the organization and roll down to mid and low level leaders.

If leaders can show and teach simple methods, followers will be more apt to listen and learn those methods. And most importantly, they will use those methods.

They will duplicate!

What A Duplicatable System Is

A lot of MLM leaders tell us we need to use a system that duplicates but they neglect to explain a system that will duplicate.

Naturally, every network marketing is different, so it can be difficult to teach an absolute simple duplication method that will work in all systems. But there are some systems that will work across the board:

  • List everyone you know and approach them in a non-threatening way – Your warm market. Use your company tools. Remember, you are the messenger, not the message. Let the tools do teh talking.
  • Develop a plan of daily action
  1. I will approach 2 warm market contacts.
  2. I will approach 1 cold market person.
  3. I will make 2 new social media connections.
  4. I will follow up with 2 prospects.
  5. I will write 1 blog post.
  6. I will read 1 chapter from a book for personal development.

Now this is just an example, but it is a simple system that followers can duplicate.

If You Are Using A Complex Strategy…

You may sponsor people, but will they be able to duplicate your strategy?

I enjoy this quote by Eric Worre:

“It doesn’t matter what works. It only matters what duplicates.”

Here is an example of a complex strategy that could work for 1 person but some or all of their downline may not have the ability to duplicate.

A recruiting strategy

A woman is in the National Guard and has the ability to enter military installations. Since her MLM’s product line is weight loss, health, and well being products, she has found great success approaching soldiers who are practicing physical fitness at locations around the base. But is that a strategy she can teach her downline?

She could try, and it really isn’t all that complex but…

What if those members are not anywhere near a military installation? What if their past would make it difficult to get on a military installation. And how about those downline members in other countries?

The system may work for her but it really is not a duplicatable strategy. And that takes us back to what Mr Worre states, “It doesn’t matter what works. It only matters what duplicates.”

Does this mean she stops recruiting this way? Absolutely not! But it is not a strategy she teaches her downline because it will not duplicate.

The juggler

juggling a network marketing team

We can equate the network marketing leader as a juggler when using complex methodologies. The juggler can get 5 balls going at one time with no problem. He or she may even be able to add 2 or 3 more balls.

That juggler only has 2 hands. They cannot duplicate what they are doing; they can only keep the balls going that they have in those 2 hands.

But if that juggler uses technology to develop juggling machines, they can duplicate their juggling system and have multiple balls juggling at the same time.

That is mastering simplicity

In network marketing, you always have to ask yourself if:

  • Is it hard? Because they won’t do it. A person has to be able to say “I can see myself doing that.”
  • Is it confusing? The team results will be chaotic.
  • Is it hard to understand? Many people will not act.

And I must thank an expert at duplication for that… Todd Falcone.

The key is teaching your followers the simplest of strategies so they can just go out and do it without much thought and without someone holding their hand.

And the simplicity lies in using the tools your network marketing company provides, 3rd party tools such as videos, DVDs and CDs. And teach your downline to use those tools too. That is as simple as it gets.

How to know if your network marketing strategy is simple and duplicatable

The best way to know if you have mastered simplicity and have achieved duplication is to simply measure the new recruits coming to you asking questions and seeking help like:

  • They come to you asking “what do I do,” after you have supplied them with strategies. Those strategies must not be very simple.
  • You get phone calls right and left from members asking the most mundane questions.
  • And the top one… A high percentage of recruits are quitting.

If a 12 year old child cannot understand your strategy, you have not mastered simplicity and you will not achieve duplication.

Follow the path of other successful people before you

One of the things I have discovered in network marketing is many people trying to “fix something that isn’t broke.”

They are taught a system that is easily duplicated but they decide to complicate it by adding extras. It happens all the time and it is up to you as a leader to do periodic “checks” on the leaders in your downline to ensure they are not committing this fatal error.

You may have mastered simplicity and you are achieving duplication, but one “cog” can slow down that duplication.

If you notice that a downline leader is having a high rate of people quitting or they seem to be lost with what to do, you may need to bring that leader back to the basics and show them the simple methods again… Remind them.


Ask any of the top earners in network marketing and they will immediately tell you to keep it simple for duplication.

If the newest members cannot understand the strategy, it isn’t simple.

If you have any questions about this subject, feel free to post them in the comment area below or contact us.

Here is one other tip, share this on social media with your team members. Let’s all get it simple and duplicatable.