Why Network Marketing Versus a Traditional Business?

The time has arrived!

Maybe you’ve decided that you are tired of working for that company or corporation for a salary that is paying the bills but isn’t allowing you to have the freedom to grow. You watch as the business you work for continues to grow but as an employee, you’re not seeing the benefits. And maybe you’re seeing more responsibilities but not more pay.

You’ve decided you want to start a business

Do you start a traditional business or venture into the network marketing business model?

  1. There are traditional and network marketing businesses failing and closing daily.

  2. There are also network marketing and traditional businesses having great success daily.

Either choice you make involves some risk.

The cons of a traditional business

When it comes to a traditional business, you can start from scratch in a “brick and mortar” location, or you can buy a franchise. Either of these choices has a number of cons though:

  • Typically a large capital investment is involved

  • You will have added debts in the form of utilities, leases and inventory

  • You may be forced to do things you are not good at because you cannot afford to contract someone (accounting, collections, etc…)

  • A slave to the business. First to come and last to leave and the last to get paid

  • More interested in “breaking even” than getting a Return On Investment

The pros of network marketing

With network marketing, the first great advantage is the low investment costs. While entry costs vary from company to company, it’s not uncommon to be able to get started in a network marketing business for under $1000.

The low barrier to entry in network marketing can also have a downside. There can be a tendency for network marketers to not take the business serious and do the work because they are not “invested.” If a person has invested a large amount of money or if they are relying on the business as the only income resource, they are more driven to create success–they have more skin in the game.

It is imperative that you treat your network marketing business as if you invested your life savings even if you did not. By using that type of mindset, you will drive yourself to prospect, recruit, train and sell. If you treat it as a hobby, it will pay you like a hobby. Honestly, the true barrier to entry is the commitment to the work and time that it takes to build a network marketing business that will ultimately yield a residual income.

Here are some other pros of network marketing:

  • Flexibility – Time for family

  • Home based, no commuting

  • An unlimited earning potential

  • A global market instead of just a local market

  • Having a wide range of support systems and people

  • The company provides the shipping, accounting, customer service, advertising and warehousing of inventory
  • Potential for eventual passive residual income

Our Story

Doug and I have not only found great success with network marketing ourselves, but have been able to help others achieve success as well. But it would not, and will not be successful if we don’t do the work. If we don’t follow the steps.

Network marketing requires work.

Network marketing requires personal growth. It requires learning and acting. It requires networking. It requires helping and building up others and being passionate about your business.


If you are searching for the right mentors who have actually built a successful network marketing business, and  with a company whose product line is perfectly positioned with one of the biggest trends in the market to start your home based business, I invite you to contact Doug and me here.

Network marketing has been an answer to many of our dreams and it can be the answer to your dreams too.

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