Meet Sonia and Doug

We find success in helping others succeed

Sonia and Doug prosper

Sonia and Doug both have roots in south Florida yet their paths went in much different directions before they met. Sonia is the daughter of a Greek immigrant father and her mother was a first generation American with Greek immigrant parents. As long as she can remember, her parents were entrepreneurs–first in the restaurant business, then in the cabinetry business. From them she learned that with hard work, focus and perseverance, one can achieve anything. Doug was born in Miami, but as a small child until his teens, lived in Asia and Europe. His father is a retired army colonel, and as army brats, he and his sister enjoyed living abroad and learning about different cultures with their parents as they were growing up.

Sonia and Doug met and were married in 1998. While Sonia had already been in retail management for several years, and Doug also had a long term career in retail, their inner entrepreneurial spirit was tugging at them. Sonia went into real estate and soared in her very first year in the business, and several years later, opened her own brokerage firm. In the 15 years to follow, Sonia and Doug became very successful entrepreneurs in the real estate and investment arena in the Tampa, Florida area. While they have always been business minded and entrepreneurial, their involvement with network marketing initially was simply to find a nutrition solution for Sonia’s mother, who they were now caregivers for, as well as a weight loss solution for Sonia and Doug that actually yielded results after attempts with other weight loss systems failed. They not only lost weight and inches in 10 days but they felt better than ever. This lifestyle change was the catalyst for Doug to resume running again, after a 27 year hiatus. As a result, he ran 3 half marathons and finished a full marathon last November. Their profound product experience coupled with their company’s unique gift card marketing system, caused them to take a more serious look at this business.

“With a full-time real estate and investment business and being caregivers, our plates were full and we weren’t looking for another business. But we were familiar with residual income. Our rental properties gave us a a taste of what residual income was like,” says Sonia. The Magruders quickly realized that what their company had to offer was not only in the “sweet spot” of the market trend–non-GMO, organic and superfood products–but also incorporated a compensation plan that was very fair and favorable to the field. They recognized that the perfect storm doesn’t come along every day, and that they needed to board this train. “What we really loved was building and nurturing a team and helping people develop into leaders of leaders. We are total believers in this industry and we love that there is such a strong emphasis on personal development and on helping others succeed. In no other career in our past have we experienced this. We were so impressed with the purity of the product ingredients, the culture of the company and the integrity of the owners that we decided to really take a run at this,” says Doug. Soon their income exceeded their rental and real estate income. The Magruders hit the rank of Crown in their company, and have recently ranked to 4 Star Crown and now have many six figure earners on their team. “We built this business organically, and within about a year and a half we were proud to be among the top earners and leaders in the company,” states Doug. Sonia is on the field advisory board of the company as well. “I love being able to meet directly with the owners. It’s an honor to be able to represent the field in this way,” says Sonia.

“We truly believe in this industry and the business model. That, and our ability to develop leaders within our team has been key. This business has not only provided us with a lucrative income, but the company’s culture has taught us the importance of servant leadership. One of my favorite quotes is from Jim Rohn–“The challenge of leadership is to be strong, but not rude; be kind, but not weak, be bold, but not a bully; be thoughtful, but not lazy, be humble, but not timid; be proud, but not arrogant; have humor, but without folly.” This is the culture of leadership that we strive to embody. Network marketing is not done by one’s self, so seeing our members blossom into their own network leaders has proven to be extremely gratifying. The profitability and time freedom that this industry provides is wonderful, of course, but most importantly it is deeply satisfying to help others look better and feel better all while helping them to drastically improve their own financial situations. We also love the connection we have with our team members, and being able to travel together to different parts of the state and the country to help launch and support them,” says Sonia. Doug enjoys the freedom that this business gives him to do the things he loves–volunteer work for his faith, and of course, running. He is currently training for another full marathon.

The Magruders are looking to help motivate, inspire and develop more leaders who want to join their team. They are active speakers and trainers in their company and have “been there and done that” by building a team organically. They are ready to help you “Ignite Your Success!”