Sonia and Doug Magruder are two of the most giving, generous and hardworking people that I know.  As leaders they operate in a spirit of excellence with perfectionism in everything they do.  Doug’s background of 20 years in corporate management and Sonia as a business owner entrepreneur for over 17 years as a real estate broker makes them the example we desire to model.  They certainly have set the bar high for all of us to follow.   From our very first meeting two years ago, Sonia and Doug have become a part of our lives and in the truest sense of these words have become much more and I count it a pleasure to call them family.

These two “work” tirelessly the Network Marketing business like no others I know.  It is not a surprise to get calls for strategy sessions late into the night and early hours of the morning.  Many times after a Super Healthy Happy Hour, these two can be found  planning for hours in the hotel lobby’s our next events, prospecting, follow up and nurturing our team.  Their passion is unmatched to train, coach and develop each team member helping them to rank advance and grow them into amazing leaders.

Sonia is like one of the “Shark’s” on the television show the “Shark “Tank”.  She is super smart and business savvy never taking a “no” for an answer.   No to her means “Just Not Now”.  There is also a kind, gentle compassionate side of her as well that makes people love and respect her the more!  This softer side of the “Shark” you will find one of the most generous givers you will ever meet.  Sonia is like “Wonder Woman”… she can do it all from speaking in front of large crowds commanding the attention of everyone in the room to handling the toughest prospect on a three way call and getting a “yes I am ready to enroll”  from them.

Doug is just the very best… that’s all I can say!  He is the guy not only working along side Sonia but also behind the scenes making it all come together with setting up the sound system, video and all the little things that most of us take for granted.  His passion is for each of our meetings to come across first class in every way from the smallest of meetings to our corporate Crown University Events.  Doug operates in a spirit of excellence in everything he does.  He wants each person from the first time member to the veteran crowns of Team Win to have a sense of pride knowing that each one of our guests that attend an event will walk away having experienced the very best of Purium as if Doug is personally representing Dave Sandoval and Amy Venner the co-owners of Purium.

We truly love this couple and count it an honor to call them friends and business partners in this most amazing adventure of spreading the word, impacting lives and “Making Healthy Cool”.

Doreen M., Florida, Holistic Health Coach, Professional Network Marketer, Business Coach

When one looks up the definition of the words:
1) Mentor
2) Leader
here is what you’ll learn :
Mentor= an experienced and trusted advisor
Leader = to lead an organization; to be the first to rank
Sonia and Doug have been on this Purium mentoring leadership non-stop flight.  Over the past year and one -half, I have learned, observed,  been guided to achieve more, to help more, to believe in myself more as a direct result of Sonia and Doug’s efforts.
I’ve been s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d beyond my normal ability and that has been so vital in my personal growth.
Respectively, Doug and Sonia, have used their strengths to empower and improve my life and thus the lives of many I have been extremely humble and fortunate to impact.  I have gained two amazing life long friends above all. I have two people that constantly go out of their way to serve selflessly.
Each has their own level of impressive intelligence but when combined, it is extremely comforting, trusting and yet motivating.
In my lifetime, I have been fortunate to know and continually learn from two of this worlds most giving people as they lead Team Win to unbelievable levels of positive growth.
Mark M. New York, fitness trainer and coach

It was from the moment I met Sonia, I knew I had met my match. I spend so much time helping others bring out the best in themselves! It was my turn to have someone help to bring out the best in me! Sonia has taken that challenge. She has mentored me from the first day, encouraging me and guiding me to help me share my passion with others. She has believed in me and pushed me to places where I wanted to be, just needed the guidance and her knowledge to help get there. This is only the beginning of my relationship with my mentor, Sonia. She has given me the confidence I need to flourish in the business, the passion is already there. With her support, I do not feel like there is a goal I can not reach! I am beyond blessed to have such an astounding support system and am proud to be on her team!
Erica H., Florida, Certified Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur

I was in a well-known networking marketing organization about 10 years ago, but never found success.  After a few years, my cupboards were overflowing with my required monthly orders and I had nothing else to show. The person I enrolled under was very high up in the organization and led me to believe they would show me the formula for success. Eventually, I cancelled my membership. Recently, through a very good friend, I heard of a product that I had an immediate need for. I asked my friend how I could get it and she told me it was a network marketing company and I should speak to a mutual friend of both of ours. I met with Sonia Magruder a few days later, whom I have known for 20 years through the world of business but had lost touch with. She explained the opportunity and asked me what my goals were. She said they were very attainable depending on the time and effort I put in and she told me the things she would do to help me reach my goals.

Sonia is not the person who enrolled me, but you would never know it. She has delivered on everything she said she would do. She and Doug hold training classes on the weekends and evenings which have been a tremendous help to me. She is always a text away offering guidance and advice. She has given me a great deal of her time and even hosted parties in my home to help me explain this opportunity to my friends and family. 
Sonia is an incredible coach, but the most valuable thing that she has given me is a channel to release my inner entrepreneur, and for that there are really no words to express how grateful I am. 
Rebecca F., Florida, real estate agent

I have never seen a work ethic and commitment from such a dedicated, hard-working couple as I have from Sonia & Doug. They have defined what servant-leadership is all about. They are true leaders who have cultivated leaders amongst their group by setting the standards by which to follow. By leading by example, they have cultivated an incredible work-ethic that is carried over by their team members.

No matter the distance, or the problem, Sonia & Doug are ready, willing, and able to pitch-in wherever they can.

Not only are they great at doing whatever it takes, they also have helped me so much with my own personal development – as they’ve done with others as well. In the business of network marketing, which requires an unstoppable, unshakeable mindset and belief system, Sonia and Doug have spearheaded development training and calls and support system so that we are plugged-in, and have developed the same mindset.

I have seen Sonia – unsolicited by me – reach way down in my line to contact members, welcoming them, coaching them, and helping them with any of their needs. And I know she doesn’t just do this for me – I’ve been in her company and witnessed her do this with so many on her team – who may be 6, 7, 8 levels down.

I can’t give a higher recommendation then that of Sonia and Doug. They have led by example, and have given me so much motivation and inspiration to see what I used to think was impossible to be the possible and probable and definite.

Lisa L., Florida, Sales Coach and Trainer

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